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Community Gardens

The 30 community garden plots at the Park offer Chilliwack residents an opportunity to meet new friends, produce fresh vegetables and flowers, share ideas and expertise, and enjoy the park together.

Annual cost of a community garden plot is just $20 for residents of Chilliwack, BC and includes membership of GVP as well as your plot fee.

Garden plots are approximately 5 x 2 metres, and there is a 30 cm path on each side of the plot for easy access.


Rules & Guidelines


  • Gardeners must maintain the paths around their gardens.

  • Plots must be kept tidy and weeded

  • Plots must be thoroughly weeded by May 1 and cleaned up at the end of the season by Oct 31

  • You will be notified if your plot is not satisfactorily maintained throughout the season

  • If the plot remains unacceptable within a specified period, the GVP Board will assume responsibility for the plot and assign it to another gardener on the waiting list

  • In respect of your fellow gardeners, do not plant rows of tall items (like sweet corn), or erect structures that may shade your neighbor's garden. If you wish to cover items such as tomatoes, keep such coverings less than one meter above the ground.

  • No herbicides or pesticides are to be used in the garden plots

  • Please bear in mind the aesthetics of our Park. We discourage the use of orange plastic fencing.

  • Community Gardeners are expected to volunteer at our clean-up days (Spring, Fall and Pre-Plant Sale. We also expect some volunteer activity at the Plant Sale (1st Saturday in June). 

  • There is also the opportunity for Community Gardeners to join the Friends group on Tuesday mornings for general park clean-up.

Plots are in high demand, and there is often a waiting list.

For more information about obtaining a plot please email us by clicking the button below.

Community Garden Director - Lisa Ballam

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