Grounds Report - March

It was a beautiful day for our first ‘Friends’ Tuesday in March.  We had fourteen gardeners turn out.  I hope that is a good omen for the rest of the year.


The first cleanup day on Saturday, the 10th of March was another great day with another good turnout.

The city work crews are busy helping in the park, cutting down an old cedar hedge which is overgrown and rotting and chipping up all the pieces.  They are also building us a new compost area.  They have taken apart the old wire fencing we were using and have built the new boxes out of cement traffic dividers.  We use a three box system for our compost – one box for new material, one for half finished compost and the third for the finished material (black gold it is for the plants).


We have moved all of the empty garden pots over to the west side of the yellow shed, so if you need any pots for planting up for the June sale you will find them in their new position, or if you have any extra gallon or larger pots to donate to the park, please put them there.  We do not have any use for very small pots, but gallon or larger are gladly received.


Pruning and cleaning up is on the agenda for ‘Friends’ for the month of March and the weather is co-operating in spades.  I think all of us feel better when the sun shines.

Barb Thorkelson - Past President /Grounds